Baan Nimbus
Farm Living
Branding /Interface Design /Social Media Management

Mix of old and new, cultural past and modern

Baan nimbus is a small boutique homestay in Arekere village, 120 kms from Bangalore, India. The owner has designed bungalows surrounding a courtyard, representing the ways people live in this area. They needed help with increasing exposure to people and reached out for branding, website design and social media marketing.

Since the beginning, they wanted to make sure that 'Monstera Deliosa' will be a standpoint of the place and a signature of the stay.


The website represents the main goal that the client wanted, to bring the energy of the place by making all the elements "alive" and to make sure that all the guests receive the feeling of the place before booking.
We adapted a mobile-first principle in the development process to meet the majority of our users’ needs.

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